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2019. Brown University, Providence, RI.
Master of Fine Arts in Literary Arts (Digital Language)

2015. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.
Bachelors of Arts in Political Theory and Comparative Literature

2017 Jelly Fish Mind, Cosmonaut Avenue
2017 Animated Animism, Electronic Book Review
2017 Loose Pod Storage, Entropy
2017 On May Day I remember a Quote by Karl Marx,“the analogy lies not in language but in the foreign quality or strangeness (Fremdheit) of language.”, Apogee
2017 Alphabet Poems, A Glimpse Of
2016 The Pregnant Avatar: Seeing Oneself in C-Sections, Surrogates, and Sonograms, After Image
2015 Red Doc> by Anne Carson and Taipei by Tao lin, The Cornell Book Review
2014 Love Jihad, Visualizing Independence, and Ai Wei Wei goes to Alcatraz, The Diplomacist
2014 Intimacy through Space and Memory, Kaleidoscope Press

Art Pieces Published Online

2017 Bus Stop, Oral
2017, Times Square, Homeostasis
2017 Subway, Unbag Press
2016, 21st and Park, Isthisit?
2016 Common Dreams, Double Yolk
2016 21st and Park, Inpatient Press
2015 Buttermilk, Sleep Online

Exhibitions and Presentations

2017 Subtitled Noise, Granoff Center, Providence, RI
2017 The Wrong Biennial, Rio, Brazil
2017 Summer Exhibition at Baby Castles in Manhattan, NY
2017 Look to Future Past, Is This It? Gallery, London, UK
2017 Word Hack at Baby Castles in Manhattan, NY
2015 Subtitles and the Words on my Body in Ithaca, NY

artist portfolio