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hello! I am a writer and video artist who makes work in the intersection of those fields. I’m into the physicality of language, its existence in time, and the tension between speech and its documentation. My work amplifies the subjectivity of language by creating poetic images that hinge on the edge of recognition and alienation--legibility and incomprehension. 


I Love Repair


AAAA, BBBB, CCCC & the rest
Subtitle Drift

Aberration of the Translator


Touch Guide
Live Word Processing
Horse Players


The Essay Video
Introduction to Digital Writing


“An astonishing and accomplished manuscript that combines memoir and fiction -- both written in a poetic/associative mode -- as well as a number of interspersed registers: humor, research, dialogue, history, meditation. The subject is a complex excavation based on a grandmother's diary, but the themes extend far into global affairs, especially in Poland, and the aftermath of WW2 -- its silences, diasporas, and the experience of many different people who had their lives invaded, overturned, ended. The manuscript is both entertaining and very poignant, and a fluid and unique work. ”

2019 Winner of the Frances Mason Harris Manuscript Prize

I Love Repair is a completed manuscript searching for a publisher.