is a writer and video artist who makes moving texts, essays, and fragments. She works with the physicality of language and the tension between speech and its documentation. 

Writing in Gulf Coast, sfmoma Open Space, Apogee, Vol 1 Brooklyn, and Unbag. Criticism in Artforum, KQED arts, Art Papers, BOMB, Electronic Book Review, and Afterimage. And an MFA in Digital Language Arts from Brown University. 


Art Criticism


I Love Repair


AAAA, BBBB, CCCC & the rest
Subtitle Drift

Live Word Processing

Aberration of the Translator

Horse Players


The Video Essay
Introduction to Digital Writing

Mobile Media Making


My performance work brings narrative in contact with a physical presentation of language. As a writer and a digital artist, performance as a third medium allows me to stage pieces of fiction in a self-reflexively subject matter. My performances are always interactive, and require willing participation. Collaborative narratives, which require multiple voices and acts of speech, translates prepared text and objects into a morphed language contingent on the bodies in the room.

Performing written pieces undoes some of the solitary elements of writing. At stake in my work is the power and importance of communication, listening, and communally engaging text.