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hello! I am a writer and video artist who makes work in the intersection of those fields. I’m into the physicality of language, its existence in time, and the tension between speech and its documentation. My work amplifies the subjectivity of language by creating poetic images that hinge on the edge of recognition and alienation--legibility and incomprehension. 


I Love Repair


AAAA, BBBB, CCCC & the rest
Subtitle Drift

Aberration of the Translator


Touch Guide
Live Word Processing
Horse Players


The Essay Video
Introduction to Digital Writing


The Subtitle Drift series are short pieces of creative fiction that subtitle recordings of walks. They were inspired by the intermedial status of text in subtitled foreign language films. You are supposed to read such text without integrating it into the visual plain of the film or the sound of the characters speaking. My pieces resond to this by directly subtitiling the non-language sound in recordings and using language to build an optic plane, rather than including documentary footage of the walks.

This work is published online by 

Unbag                                   <3
Inpatient Press                      <3
and Oral Pub                         <3

This work has been shown at 

Granoff Center for Contemporary Art, Providence RI

David Bell Gallery, Juried Student Art Show, Providence RI

Bandini, Mexico City

Baby Castles, NYC