MARCH 2023 Poetry Reading
at In Concert, San Francisco 
for Ocean Escalanti’s Natural Findings
with Ocean Escalanti, Cecilia Mignon, Leena Joshi

JANUARY 2023 In Concert 
I opened a curatorial project space in San Francisco with Gabriel Garza

SEPTEMBER 2022 Exquisite Moving Corpse at 
The Roxie Theater in San Francisco

SEPTEMBER 2022 Exquisite Moving Corpse at
The Microscope Gallery in New York

NOVEMBER 13 2019 Maual Override
at The Shed in New York

JULY 23 Group Show
at Glucksman Gallery in Cork, Ireland

MAY 16 2019 Reading
at BabyCastles in New York

MAY 11 2019 MFA Thesis
Reading at Brown University in Providene

APRIL 29 2019 Class Visit
at Pratt’s Writer’s Forum

FEBRUARY 8+9 Reading, Introducing,
Moderating, Performing, Curating (!)
INTERRUPT V in Providence

NOVEMBER 19 2019 Introducing
Tan Lin at Brown University



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