I’ve never felt especially good while living here, even before the second tech boom came and took away all the affordable spaces. It’s been okay, there are good friends, and all sorts of existential dread colors the days. The view’s still beautiful.

Lost and Found, for Small Press Traffic

The concrete poem, they suggest, “is an object in and by itself […] a material word.” The idea of “a material word,” an object capable of speaking, may have been theoretical for these architects — but it fit well with contemporaneous definitions of the subjugated woman’s body.

Endless Constellations: On “Women in Concrete Poetry 1959–1979”, for Los Angeles Review of Books

As social distancing requires unprecedented reliance on the internet, and the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests bring people’s attention to the importance of digital security, we must remember that technology is never neutral

Artist-Made Tools Resist Algorithmic Racism and Empower Communities, for KQED Arts

Ágota Kristóf’s The Notebook is a pleading text. It’s a series of physical gestures. It stutters out a humanity while competing narratives shoot holes in shared experience.

READING THE NOTEBOOK, for Triangle House Review

Art is about encounter. A digital platform that insists on that, even during extreme physical isolation, is the most hopeful thing for the art world that I can think of.

The Wattis Institute’s New Digital Library is an Antidote to Online Exhibitions, for KQED Arts

The Luggage Store became a community space... It didn’t offer much money or institutional recognition, but it gave young people, just starting out, a first real moment of recognition

As San Francisco Art Institute Faces Likely Closure, This Gallery Is a Time Capsule, for Hyperallergic

Demonstrating how a geographic underpinning defines the way people create and occupy space

A BAMPFA Show Empowers Student Curators to Share Their View of California, for KQED arts

Through a 3D scan of self-taught artist Loy Bowlin’s bejeweled home, between doilies and around the word “foramen.”

Text as Texture: Judd Morrissey and Abraham Avnisan Interviewed by Theadora Walsh, for BOMB Magazine

Like the most erudite and well-researched Wikipedia page to have ever been committed to permanent form

Aesthetic Animism: Digital Poetry’s Ontological Implications, Electronic Book Review 

Market-tested blue pig-tails wrap around her holographic thighs

“The Mathematical Movement of Girl Clusters”: How Fandom Manifests Physical Intimacy in the Digital Age, Presented at the Electronic Literature Organization’s 2018 conference (available upon request)

Before the C-Section is performed, some of these online games let the player give the pregnant disney princess a face mask or make-over

The Pregnant Avatar: Seeing Oneself in C-Sections, Surrogates and Sonograms, After Image Press, Vol 44